Hey there, I'm Chris. A Visual Designer at Mark Cuban Companies where I help develop brand strategy, digital marketing, and drive sales for portfolio companies invested through ABC's hit reality show Shark Tank.

I am a creative (professional) designer and illustrator jumping the lines between the physical and digital space. I’m Passionate about creating and implementing ideas that improve a brand, business, or peoples in a positive light.

While at Mark Cuban Companies I wear a lot of hats, most of my work spans much of the digital marketing realm providing high level solutions in variety of industries within food/beverage, beauty/cosmetics, fashion, and consumer technology. My background is in computer visualization and traditional design from Texas A&M University with a focus on studio art.

Its always an adventure

Each company and entrepreneur I encounter is a unique blend of personality, business sense, and grit. I help them execute a solution to best fit their target needs and help refine those needs/solutions to best align with their business goals along the way. It’s always a marathon.

Some sexy case studies: Sriracha2go, Lollaland

wanna work with me or give me a note? Send me an email: cweachock@gmail.com