Hey there, I'm Chris. I'm a Shopify developer, designer, and artist. I recently finished biking across the country for affordable housing with Bike and Build. Previously worked for Mark Cuban in Dallas.

Wanna work with me or give me a note? I have over 3 years experience working with startups and business of various sizes in a variety of industries. Looking to set up a new Shopify shop or sell something online? send me an email: cweachock@gmail.com and I can get you there.

Let’s create something together!

Each company and entrepreneur I encounter is a unique blend of personality, business sense, and grit. I help them execute a solution to best fit their target needs and help refine those needs/solutions to best align with their business goals along the way. It’s always a marathon.

Companies I’ve worked with: Nuts-N-More, Bee Free Honee, Lollaland, Instafire, LuminAID, Power Practical, Angels and Tomboys, Chirps Chips, The Lapel Project, Chapul, R Riveter, Beatbox Beverages, Bottle Breacher, Dude Wipes, Simple Sugars, U-Lace, Stella Valle, Villy Customs