Currently, I am doing front-end web development for The North Face. Previously, I worked for @mcuban at Mark Cuban Companies with a small team onboarding companies from the hit reality show Shark Tank on ABC.


On the side, I sketch, bike, dabble in botony, and learn more about personal interests. For the past couple years I focused on learning more about American agriculture. I’ve seen (some) success at growing plants (ones that you eat and not eat) and consistently learn about new organic practices and standards like regenerative agriculture, organic gardening, and hyrdoponic farming.

organic gardening harvest carrots and green tomatoes and swiss chard and kale

laying planter boxes for Promise of Peace Community Garden 2015 in East Dallas

I’m also really big on community projects. I volunteered at Promise of Peace Community Gardens for 2 years learning about organic gardening, designed a community newsletter that was distributed to a neighborhood of 1,000 plus residents, volunteered at a handful of conferences and biked across the country in the summer of 2017.

Chris Weachock with Bike and Build in Death Valley


After graduating in 2012 from Texas A&M University with a BS in Visualization Sciences where I studied computer animation, art, and design, I was called back to my hometown — Dallas — where I took an early job at Naked Pizza invested in by Mark Cuban.

2013 - 2014

For about 9 months, I designed, animated, and created assets for Naked Pizza , with one team in NOLA and one in Dallas. After the company got sold, I was onboarded on to work for Mark Cuban Companies.

2014 - May 2017

Over the next three years, I helped onboard companies with an amazingly talented and driven team: Peter Vogt, Michael Johnstone, @aminkara, Ken Bonzon(rest in peace), Rachel Kuhr, Ryan Kline, Kayla Ketelsen, Helen McDaniel, Bethany Peters, Matthew Shields, John Simon, and many others to provide support to over dozens of entrepreneurs across a wide array of industries.

Hanna Lim and Chris Weachock with Lollaland at Trade Show

I worked in a very fast paced environment, similar to how I imagine a start up might operate. I reported directly to Mark, sending weekly or bi-weekly progress updates while he would advise with our Business Development Manager and lead CTO in a hands on/off role. I helped execute digital marketing deliverables, branding/graphic design(logo designs, packaging etc), print work, ideating and problem solving to work through business problems and increase sales for various consumer products.

Each process and problem for each entrepeneur was different. Depending on the problem, I used tools like the Adobe CC, Invision and Balsamiq for prototyping, and sublime text editor for writing simple front end code. Communication channels were normally email, Skype, or phone calls. Later, my role shifted to provide ecommerce development/design support. I helped populate templated out sites on Shopify, Wordpress/Woocommerce, Big Commerce, while also learning Bootstrap, liquid, and HTML/CSS techniques. Much of the development work pre-Shark Tank was under wraps (NDA agreements) with tight timelines (usually 2 weeks). I also learned a bit about web optimization utilizing tools like Cloudflare, performance testing, and optimizing images using photoshop and kraken.io to name a few.

Summer 2017

After 3ish years of being fortunate enough to work with a notable, kind, and influential person like Mark, I decided to try a new adventure with Bike and Build—a nationwide non-profit that empowers young adults to bike across the country to raise awareness and funding for affordable housing.

Picture of Bike and Build Trailer in Death Valley

I applied, was accepted, and rode over 3,800 miles with 35 young adults from Jacksonville Florida to Monterrey California with #BBSUS17. Collectively we raised over $181,350 dollars and I raised $5,136 dollars towards the cause. It was physically demanding and challenging role that took about 2.5 months or 77 days. We worked with numerous organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Veterans Village, and SBP to name a few. Most ride days averaged about 70 - 100 miles, with a few century rides (100+ miles) in a variety of terrain, and climates. I even rode through Death Valley National park and climbed 8,000+ft up to the Grand Canyon National Park(north rim) and Yosemite National Park through Tioga pass.

For Now

For right now, I build front-end experiences for The North Face and learn about new web technologies. On the side, I nuture my love for plants, and always digging into the fascnitating world of how they grow. If you want to give me a follow I’m mostly active on Instagram, and LinkedIn where you can see what I’m up to.

Thanks for reading!

Cheers -Chris