Lollaland Website

I had the opportunity to enhance Lollaland's e-commerce store using conditional programming logic, clear product page descriptions, and call-to-action buttons.

I reached out to Mark and Hanna Lim at Lollaland who introduced the Lollacup on season 3 of Shark Tank to help improve their customers user experience shopping online. While their current design was clean, and minimal—providing little to no distractions while shopping, there was no clear hierarchy for products on the shop page for individual items.

The Solution:

Through the use of conditional programming statements using Shopify’s Control Flow Tags, we were able to define certain content to show based on a simple if/elsif/then statements. These simple statements were then used to show product badges, call-to-action buttons, and icons to help new and returning customers shop better.

Pseudo code:

{ if product.title == "Lollacup" }
  		<img src="/image file path goes here">
{ endif }
use 'new' badges or 'most popular'