Selected Works


User Testing

  • Checkout optimization: In this AB test, we tried to simplify the shipping fields and shorten the form length in height to help increase click-through and conversion rates. To do this, we have hidden the form fields below the customerโ€™s physical address and dynamically add them back in after the physical address has been filled. view CSS, view JS, watch the experience
  • Product Tabs: For this split test, I implemented some simple product tabs to decrease the height of the product details page so customers could engage with more content below the fold sooner. view SCSS, view JS, watch the experience
  • Product Landing Page Hover Description: We wanted to test out a way for customers to be encouraged to click through to the product page. For this split test, I helped implement teaser product description text that was shown on hover. view SCSS, view JS, watch the experience


  • CSS Float Labels: Developed form styling interaction and design for sitewide forms. Implemented on checkout only. view project.
  • Dynamic On-site Search Display: Worked with platform UX engineers and leadership to refine and re-design the search experience on I owned the design, CSS implementation, template configuration through handlebarsJS, and GTM code. view before VS view after, view CSS
  • Goverre: Website design, and custom implementation dynamic section blocks for inventory listing.
  • Pronto Concepts: Website design, and custom implementation for a pre-order product template.
  • Alyssas Cookies: Website design and implementation. view site

Visual Design

While working at Mark Cuban Companies I was responsible for visual design, marketing deliverables and everything in between. Early on, I was involved with graphic design, new branding initiatives, ads, typography, and packaging concepts. Here are a few samples from various companies that showcase the breadth of my work.


In addition to visual design, I always enjoy learning about animation. I got the opportunity to do some animation for a couple kickstarters and love incorporating it into the web as well. View some samples here

For Fun

  • Designed and implemented Tic Tac Toe game using simple markup and ๐Ÿฆ Javascript