Sriracha2Go is a portable refillable container that you can fill with Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Sauce.

Farbod Deylamian and Kyle Lewis, founders of Sriracha2go, were already wildly successful when they joined Mark Cuban Companies. However, they needed some additional help improving their Brand in the online space, and
releasing the highly sought after Sriracha Packet. I mean, who doesn’t know or love Sriracha?

Website improvements

Similar to Lollaland, I was able to use Shopify’s Control Flow Tags, to show certain content based on simple if/elsif/then statements. Since sales were already high with the Original Sriracha For A Few, I created a branded Most Popular Icon. This icon was then added using the conditional statement to help bring attention to it.

Suggested use for most popular icon

As a result, it helped increase sales and gain customer understanding that it was indeed the best package deal that everyone and their mum was buying.

In addition, I helped them add a free shipping banner to the top of the website carried throughout the liquid theme files with some simple css and html. View it live here.